Single Pixel Imaging for phosphorescence lifetime measurements in biomedical markers. (PTDC/EMD-TLM/30295/2017)

Single-pixel imaging has been gaining growing relevance as a stationary imaging technique which allows the acquisition of bi-dimensional images using a single point detector. The reconstructed image is achieved through the cross-correlation of the point detector samples with a repeated structured illumination scheme over the sample, using well-defined patterns. The use of point photodetectors boosts the range of application of the technique since these devices don't have the constraints imposed by pixelated devices. Point detectors have wider bandwidths, better SNR, intrinsic gain and simpler readout schemes. This project proposes the use of such light detection scheme to perform imaging of phosphorescence lifetime in a newly designed oxygen biochemical marker, thus allowing its concentration mapping. This solution can be tailored to different tissue bio-markers with minimal design changes and the overall solution can be regarded as a novel imaging approach in the biomedical field.


238.379,60 (FCT funding from 02/SAICT/2017 2018-2021)

Project responsible

João Manuel Rendeiro Cardoso

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