Vibration free 80 K cryocooler

The ATHENA satellite will employ a complex cryogenic chain for X-Ray detector cooling down Nowadays, many satellites are observing the earth for many purposes (climatology, agriculture, defence and security, etc.) using infrared sensors. One of the key element of these sensors is their high resolution obtained due to their quite low operating temperature provided by mechanical cryocoolers. However, the introduction of vibrations by the most of the cryocoolers is a recurring problem for space applications, and because of that the development of a system that eliminates these vibrations is very important. So, in the framework of a European Space agency project, a 40-80 K vibration-free cooler is being developed that combines two cryocoolers (one that uses Nitrogen that precool another cryocooler that uses Neon), functioning without introducing vibrations in the system.


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